7Mojos, an ambitious supplier of high-quality online casino game content, has partnered with REEVO, a leading provider of innovative gaming solutions, in a strategic alliance. Through this partnership, REEVO's operator partners will receive an unmatched gaming experience that takes advantage of the knowledge and creativity of both businesses.

REEVO operator partners will have access to 7Mojos' vast library of excellent game material as a result of this partnership. The remarkable selection of games from 7Mojos, which includes well-known slots and live casino games, will be easily incorporated into REEVO's platform. Through this connection, operator partners of REEVO will be able to provide players a varied and engaging gaming experience that will capture and interest them.

REEVO and 7Mojos are well-positioned to seize new opportunities in the constantly changing iGaming industry because of their common dedication to quality and innovation. The collaboration intends to promote expansion and success for operator partners globally by utilising REEVO's strong platform and 7Mojos cutting edge technology.

Petra Maria Poola:

"This collaboration is a wonderful fit with our mission to offer our operator partners the best and widest range of gaming solutions. We are certain that by incorporating 7Mojos’ exceptional portfolio into our platform, we will increase operator income, improve player engagement, and firmly establish ourselves as a top supplier of gaming platforms."

Stefan Enchev, Chief Commercial Officer, 7Mojos:

“We are strengthening our network of partners and demonstrating the dedication to provide a wide range of products to players by joining forces with REEVO. We are excited for the opportunity with REEVO and anticipate a fruitful relationship that will benefit both businesses.”